The mayor supports the returns of music festivals


Ovst two years have passed since the town of Merritt flourished with the bass and twang of the two music festivals which are essential to bring an influx of money and tourism into the local economy.

However, hopes are high for the return of the Bass Coast Festival and Rockin ‘River Country Music Festival in 2022, both supported by city council.

Letters were presented at the regular city council meeting on October 12 to the organizers of both events, signed by Mayor Linda Brown. In each of them, Mayor Brown expressed a desire to support the organizers in applying for grants in order to get things going.

“Although the Merritt Festival grounds are located just outside of town in the (Thompson Nicola Regional District), the festivals held there are an integral part of Merritt – they go beyond economic contribution. thousands of people coming to our city and spending money in our stores, and are part of who we are, ”the letters read.

Mayor Brown went on to say how thrilled she was when Bass Coast first moved to Merritt in 2013, providing residents and tourists alike with a new form of entertainment and ideas, with carefully selected music and art that would never have been seen otherwise. Merritt.

“You go even beyond that and directly contribute to the amenities and infrastructure of our community,” added Mayor Brown, recalling the money and volunteer hours that were donated by event staff to perform. maintenance and repairs of mountain bike trails on Iron Mountain.

“Bass Coast is unique and we have missed you in the years that COVID has taken over us. We look forward to your feedback – the ideas and feelings you bring to us, the volunteer work you do in our community, and most importantly the economic boost we get from over 6,000 festival-goers coming to Merritt.

In the letter to Rockin ‘River organizer Becca Hess, Mayor Brown discusses how country music is an integral part of Merritt’s history, as the seat of the Canadian Country Music Hall of Honor and the footprints of hands and murals of those who have “entertained us here with three chords and the truth.”

“Although we are no longer officially designated as the Country Music Capital of Canada, we look forward to your return, so that you, the performers and thousands of guests can all thrive in the sun.”

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