The annual festival attracts thousands of people to celebrate Celtic culture


HARRISON CO., Mississippi (WLOX) – Hundreds of people are entering the Scottish Spirit this weekend. The annual Celtic Music Festival and Highland Games kicked off on Saturday at the Harrison County Fairgrounds.

“We come here to celebrate those things that Scottish culture has contributed to American culture,” said Terry Campbell of the Highlands and Islands Association of Celtic Gatherings, which hosts the event.

With plenty to see and do, the festival showcases Celtic pride, heritage and culture. It is even a chance for people to learn more about their ancestors.

“We also have a genealogist,” Campblell said. “So if anyone thinks they might have Scottish blood, they can bring their last name with them and our genealogist can go through their book and see where that name may have been filtered out. From Scotland or Ireland. . “

For Margaret Draime, this is an event she never misses. She has been coming for seven years. His favorite part?

“The men in skirts and the music. The music, first of all. Then the men in skirts, ”she laughed.

Draime says the festival is also an opportunity to celebrate one’s own Irish heritage.

“I’ve actually been able to cross the pond to Ireland twice in my life,” she said. “I wish to go back. And I know I have an Irish heritage, and I love to come here and remember.”

The festival also brought in newbies Jim and Myrna Stanton. For them, it is an important celebration of culture.

“These are cultures that have been around for thousands of years,” said Jim Stanton. “And we hear the word multicultural a lot in our country, but it seems to relate to new visitors to our country. And that’s great, but there are a few of the deeper roots in America that I think people need to explore.

The festival continues Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The events will feature the highland athletics competitions for both men and women. Admission is $ 10 for adults. Children 12 and under are free.

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