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Source: Bernard Smalls / @ PhotosByBeanz83

In 2012, hip-hop legend and business mogul Jay-Z hosted the Made In America Music Festival in Philadelphia, Pa., And every year since, colossal musical extravagance has brought us some of the biggest names in all genres and has featured artists who define current culture.

This month, September 4 and 5 (aka Labor Day Weekend), the festival will be celebrating its 10th year with an exciting lineup of artists like Megan Thee Stallion, Doja Cat, Moneybagg Yo, Griselda, Roddy Ricch and, of course, the headliners of Justin Bieber and Lil Baby.

So, in honor of 2021 set to crown a decade of jaw-dropping performances and cultural celebrations, we’ve compiled 7 of the best Made In America moments that have taken place from its inauguration until its last show in 2019.

Let’s start with the inaugural event.

7. Jay-Z performs “99 Problems” with Pearl Jam

The iconic Seattle rock band performed what has been hailed as one of the festival’s best sets in their first year in 2012, but an undeniable highlight of Pearl Jam’s time on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway stage has come. when they were joined by HOV himself in blessing the world with a live performance of his 2003 hit “99 Problems”.

6. Cardi B climbs to the top

We all know that “Bodak Yellow” sensation Cardi B is a wild child who proves time and time again that she is a lot of things, but a punk isn’t one of them. In 2019, Cardi was headlining MIA’s opening night on the Rocky Stage, but her set wasn’t for the faint of heart. While performing her song “Press”, the Bronx rapper scaled the stage scaffolding barefoot and with a microphone in hand, rhyming without missing a beat… or a step, luckily. Security was certainly nervous and her doctor was probably cleaning up their schedule watching the performance, but she left the stage unscathed that night and the fans loved every second.

5. Lizzo and Dababy… you know when we’re talking about

Cardi B’s Catwoman moment wasn’t the only particularly fun moment that happened in 2019. Rapper Da Baby and pop superstar Lizzo made waves and headlines after their twerk-tastic moment when they performed the remix of “Truth Hurts” and it turned into a Juvie inspired “Back That Thang Up” Moment that the duo seemed to really enjoy.– as we all.

4. Rihanna on top of the world.

Pop icon Rihanna took things to new heights figuratively and literally in 2016 when she performed clips from her new album at the time. Anti (the festival was a stop on her Anti world tour) and, for part of the set, she towered over the crowd of tens of thousands on a stage that hovered above the audience.

3. Meek Mills returns home to “Millidelphia”

No countdown to MIA’s best moments can be complete without the inclusion of one of Philadelphia’s own sons, Meek Mill. In 2018, the “1942 Flows” rapper graced the MIA stage outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art after spending five months in state prison for parole violation.

“It feels like my homecoming party,” he said watching a crowd of thousands, and that’s exactly what this show was.– his return.

2. Beyoncé… just Beyoncé.

Honestly, it was hard to determine which Queen Bey’s MIA performance would make this list. But when all the dust settled, it was his 2015 performance that stood out the most. Maybe it was the flawless choreography or the roaring crowd that never seemed to waste its energy throughout its hour-plus performance. Perhaps this was the stage she performed on, which proved to be as transformative as her catalog, it faded to black between songs before lighting up with new decor. Or maybe… maybe it was just Beyoncé.

1. Jay-Z on the front page with a star cast

Bringing the loop back to MIA’s inaugural event that featured its headlining creator, Jay-Z not only brought down the proverbial house on his own, he invited a roster of ROC Nation alumni. like Memphis Bleek, Young Gunz, Pusha T, Big Sean and, of course, Kanye West.

So, now that we’ve counted some of our favorite moments in MIA history, it’s time to get ready for the 2021 edition. One can only wonder what new classic moments await.

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Source: Bernard Smalls / @ PhotosByBeanz83

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