The 43rd Annual Point Pleasant Beach Sea Festival 2021


I like to start my articles at random with interesting facts about the topic I’m writing about. The last time I gave you some unique facts about the bamboo plant, for this article the top is seafood.

The things you can find on the Internet are remarkable! Did you know…

  • Halibut and tuna are the safest fish to eat in terms of bacteria.
  • Eating 100 grams of sardines will give you more protein than eating a steak of the same weight.
  • Shark fin soup is a delicacy in China, its price can range from $ 100 to $ 200.
  • Before cooking a fish, you can tell if the fish is fresh and ready to eat by placing it in a pot of water. If the fish stays afloat, it means that it has been caught recently and is fresh to eat.
  • Of the 5 billion pounds of shrimp produced in a year, one billion is consumed by Americans.
  • 95% of crayfish in the United States are caught in Louisiana.

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Now you can get ready for one of the best seafood festivals on the Jersey Shore! At Saturday, September 18, the 43rd Annual Festival Of The Sea will take place at Point Pleasant Beach. Besides the event canceled last year, the Festival Of The Sea has been around since 1975! It’s a perfect event for you, your family and your friends!

More details below …

Sea festival:

This seafood festival takes place downtown on Arnold and Bay avenues. Local restaurants and vendors provide large crowds with delicacies such as crab cakes, shrimp kebabs, paella, soups and bisques, lobster and other seafood. seafood ? No problem, there are plenty of other varieties of food to enjoy!
In addition to the food available, there are literally hundreds of craft vendors with handmade items. Buyers are expected to find this unusual sought after item. For entertainment, there is a stage set up at the corner of Arnold and River avenues that hosts local musicians and other performers.

The festival begins in the shopping district between Rt 35 South and Rt. 35 North and runs down to the Point Pleasant Boro border. Elk’s Club is using its outdoor grounds to provide even more food and beer garden. Money earned at Elk’s goes to the club. They use these funds to provide items for children with disabilities.
By organizing the Fête de la Mer in September, visitors were treated to magnificent weather. In addition, local businesses have the option of offering many of their summer products at retail prices.

For more updates, stay up to date on their Facebook page! In case of bad weather, the event will take place on Sunday, September 19. We’ll see each other there!

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