Tamworth Country Music Festival 2022: Organizers hope to recoup funds spent on festival from state government | South Coast Registry

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AT LEAST $400,000 spent advertising Tamworth Country Music Festival could be recouped as NSW Government announces it will distribute funds for major events that have had a key thrown in the works by COVID-19 . Festival organizers had already spent about $1.2 million preparing for the 50th anniversary before it was postponed until April as the number of local cases soared, the commercial director of aviation, des Tamworth Regional Council (TRC) events and projects, John Sommerlad. “We have spent a lot of money upfront, which we do every year, most of the spending is before the festival, so any financial support the NSW Government can provide is more than welcome,” he said. “Our priority since the announcement has been to secure performers and concert times, now we’ve managed to start gathering our costs in preparation for filing a claim with the state government through the Event Saver Fund.” New South Wales Premier Dominic Perrottet announced the fund on Monday and said it would be a vital lifeline for organizers of major events who have had to cancel, postpone or change their events. “Major events are a key economic driver that creates thousands of jobs across the state,” he said. “The Event Saver Fund will ensure that organizers are not left dry as we navigate this final phase of the pandemic, and sends a strong signal that the government is here to support businesses.” IN OTHER NEWS: Organizers of major events will be able to pay vendors, staff and recoup other costs when an event is canceled or significantly disrupted due to public health orders. In a normal year, the council sets aside $1.9 million for the festival, which was increased to $2.4 million in 2022 to make the anniversary even more special. The budget for marketing and promotions has already been spent, and Mr Sommerlad said the council was unable to claim back that money. “We have also entered into contracts with production companies and other people who provide infrastructure [like stages] and some of that was transferred in April,” he said. The council spent half of its budgeted funds on more extensive programming and free concerts “beyond” what it would usually do. The festival has been postponed to April 18. at 24.


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