Sebago-Long Lake Music Festival ended

For the editor:

The Sebago-Long Lake Music Festival just wrapped up its 50th season with five concerts at the Deertrees Theater in Harrison and six community concerts in the lakes region of western Maine. Each event was festive. Additionally, our artists have performed repeat gigs on the coast of Maine, Connecticut, and two New Hampshire locations, including the Majestic Theater in Conway.

We so appreciate the outpouring of support and interest from the entire community. We especially want to thank the Deertrees Theatre, our home for 30 years, for their support and professionalism in everything from stage management and lighting to ticketing. Additionally, we would like to thank those who provided venues and audiences for the free community concerts. Expenses were covered by sponsorships, including a generous last-minute donation from the Davis Family Foundation. Over 100 enthusiastic spectators attended performances at Magic Lantern’s Web Tavern, McLaughlin Garden & Homestead, Ballroom of Harrison, Bridgton Historical Society’s Temperance Barn at Narramissic Farm, and Waterford and Bridgton Congregational Churches.

Kudos to Nicholas Orgo of Stella’s on the Square, who hosted five post-concert receptions on Tuesday nights for up to 35 people, affectionately called “Feeding Our Hungry Musicians.” And a big thank you to our audience at Deertrees. Most are on our mailing lists and will therefore receive thanks and updates throughout the year. Finally, our musicians. Music Director Mihae Lee has produced another season of stunningly beautiful music, performed by our exceptional musicians from across the United States. We exist to provide world-class live chamber music concerts, especially to the people of western Maine. The fantastic work of our musical director and our musicians allows us to do this.

If you would like to know more about the Sebago-Long Lake Music Festival, our history and our plans for the future, contact us at [email protected] We need your help. We are always looking for volunteers.

Carole Madsen

vice president

board of directors

Sebago-Long Lake Music Festival

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