Savannah GA concerts; Tybee Post Theater Music Festival

Grammy-winning folk rock duo from Atlanta indigo girls are headlining the first edition Tybee Post Theater Music Festival. The already sold out festival promises to be an exciting community event that will not only raise money for the Tybee Post Theater but ensure they can continue to entertain Tybee Island and the Savanah area for the year to come.

Tybee Post Theater only seats 210, so the festival is taking it outside to the grounds in front of the Tybee Hotel in a callback to past beach festivals.

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“I wanted to see how we could expand our reach beyond the four walls we have,” said Tybee Post Theater executive director Evan Goetz. “How can we go out into the community? How can we do more on a larger scale and bring in more people? »

The Indigo Girls play "Galileo" during the Americana Music Honors and Awards show at the Ryman Auditorium on Wednesday, September 14, 2022 in Nashville, Tennessee.

“We really wanted to have recognizable names and give importance and weight to the festival. At the time, Tybee was having a music festival on the beach and wanted to rekindle that feeling of coming together as a community and having a great day on the beach.

Besides Indigo Girls (which would have been a pretty big draw on its own), the festival features two stages with performances by an eclectic mix of popular and local artists spanning all genres from reggae to surf rock to Americana. .

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“It was reflective of what we do in theater,” Goetz explained. “We were very intentional about having a wide variety. We didn’t want to lock ourselves into a specific genre that we had to reproduce every year. We wanted to celebrate all genres of music.

The festivities kick off at noon with Savannah surf rockers The Aloha Joes, who always make every show a party. Next on the bill are The Tamsan Atlanta vocal group that has been performing for over 50 years in one iteration or another.

Alice & Evan are a bluegrass duo from Savannah consisting of fiddler Alice Gould and guitarist Evan Rose from Swamptooth. Music of Motown is a tribute show hosted by New York’s East Coast Tributes who rocked the Tybee Post Theater last year and are returning to ignite crowds once again.

The Tybee Post Theatre, located at 10 Van Horne Avenue.

“The energy of this band was so fantastic,” Goetz said. “People got up from the very first song and didn’t stop for two hours.”

For those who can’t make it to Tybee Post Theater Music Fest on Saturday, East Coast Tributes will perform at Tybee Post Theater the night before with their I Want My MTV: 80s & 90s Tribute. Tickets are still available for this one.

Led by Victor and Becky Solis, Keystone Postcard have received numerous Best of Savannah awards, including Best Rock Band, for their eclectic mix of 80s and 90s covers. They have described themselves as sounding like “Pat Benatar and Slash joined the Goo Goo Dolls”.

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Next, Passafire, Savannah’s ever-popular progressive reggae rock band, bring good vibes to the main stage. Singer-songwriter Christy Snow and her band will follow on the local scene.

Cordovas hails from Nashville, TN and plays 60s and 70s country rock in the vein of Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers and The Band.

Cordovas Band take the stage at Folk 'n Bluegrass Fest at Rock Castle on Saturday September 10, 2022.

Bayou Cafe, Latin Chicks and Naked Dog food trucks will be on site and beach chairs will be available for rent.

Tybee Post Theater also ensures that the festival is environmentally friendly by working with Fight Dirty Tybee to ensure the beach is kept clean and by trying to eliminate single-use plastic items.

Based on ticket sales, Goetz expects an attendance of 800 people. Thanks to successful early ticket sales, the Tybee Post Theater has already booked next year’s music festival. And the theater is booked every Friday and Saturday until next June with films and concerts.

“It serves as a fundraiser for the Tybee Post Theater, so it’s really important and it means a lot to us that people are really excited about it, want to support it and have a good time,” Goetz said.


What: Tybee Post Theater Music Festival 2022

When: from 12 p.m. on Nov. 12

Where: Tybee Hotel, 1401 Strand Avenue, Tybee Island

Cost: SOLD


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