Mission Fed ArtWalk Announces Featured Artists for 37th Annual Festival

Mission Fed ArtWalk announces this year’s featured artists for its 37th annual event. This week-end
first artistic and cultural event returns to the streets of the historic district of Little Italy. Southern California’s largest and longest running arts festival showcases all art mediums including painting, sculpture, glass work, photography, fine jewelry and more.

Additionally, this year’s event will also feature an art guitar auction to benefit ArtReach San Diego featuring creations by Jason Mraz and Tom DeLonge of Blink 182 and Angels & Airwaves, as well as several well-known artists. based here in San Diego. In addition to these unforgettable experiences, Mission Federal ArtWalk has selected eight featured artists – a select group of artists who demonstrate the depth of creativity among more than 300 exhibitors.

This year’s featured artists include:

Debora Levy | Mixed media

Human nature and emotions are Deborah Levy’s inspiration for her abstract and contemporary paintings. Deborah uses a variety of materials in her work including paint, powder, crayons and paste to create texture and dimension. Her intuition is her guide for her works and she believes that communication through art is something that all humans can appreciate, which makes her very powerful.

Josh Hirt | Mixed media

Josh Hirt specializes in mixed media art, metalwork, wood bending, and abstract imagery. Josh’s upbringing as a builder and traveler strongly influenced his appreciation of decaying architecture, seeing the beauty in things that have been forgotten. Josh achieves more depth and complexity in his work by using grinding, welding, layering, hammering, rusting, pouring and dripping. What matters to Josh is presenting work that not only tells a story, but shows its subject in a new light. What was once overlooked is a deep gift of signature art and symbolism that, for Josh, deserves to be celebrated.

Junior Navarro | Mixed media on canvas

A painter from an early age, Junnior Navarro painted mainly in black and white, or in achromatic colors. With a background in graphic design and animation, Junnior aims to draw attention to the physical characteristics of the people depicted that reflect a destructive, fascinating, demonic yet attractive woman. His paintings are often a kind of self-portrait that contain symbolic elements. Although he mainly uses acrylic paint, he also uses colored pencils, graphite or other materials on canvas and paper of various sizes.

Krista Schumacher | Oil

Initially taught to paint with a brush, Krista Schumacher developed a unique alla prima palette knife style. This technique allows him to stay loose, merging the colors and sculpting the wet paint into a dynamic end product. His paintings take on a multi-dimensional form and are easily recognizable for their use of heavy textures and bold colors to emphasize the spontaneity and beauty of nature in a modern, abstract way. Inspired by the ocean, Krista hopes collectors of her work will feel the emotion through vibrant color, dynamic movement and heavy texture.

Mallory Morisson | Photography

Mallory Morrison began her career as a studio dance photographer. However, after becoming frustrated with the particular constraints, she decided to try photographing underwater subjects with her dancer in a swimming pool. Mallory’s use of dancers in an underwater environment allows her to challenge the limits of people photography – using weightlessness to tell stories that explore the depths of movement and composition. Mallory explores feelings of being lost, uncertainty, loneliness and finding a way; as well as escape, comfort, liberation and the return to childlike freedom.

Michael Panetta | Hand blown glass

Growing up, Michael Panetta had a passion for two things, art and the ocean. Michael creates 3D sculptures and mirror glass wall installations that allow the viewer to reflect on them and the world around them. Michael is known for his innovative style and unique eye for design. Just like the ocean, Michael’s glass has a lot of movement and fluidity, he wants people to feel the emotion and pure serenity he feels when he’s in the ocean.

Taman Van Scoy | Watercolor

Inspired by music and the beauty of nature, Taman VanScoy’s watercolors serve as a form of self-expression, communicating to the viewer ideas of desired peaceful and contemplative serenity. Taman has developed a watercolor technique that incorporates more of a brush drawing style with minimal water added to the watercolor pigment, creating a unique textured paint application. His paintings depict dreamlike scenes and landscapes that capture the mysterious qualities of nature.

Vicky Nelson | Oil

Vicki Nelson is a figurative oil painter who captures her subjects in private moments of relaxation, idealizing the ordinary. Vicki is too fond of emphasizing geometry and shadows in her compositions to immerse her characters in a more abstract design. She wants people to have a psychological “insight” into what ordinary, private moments mean to all of us. His hope is that by modifying and reshaping their background design, he will honor those moments.

Mission Fed ArtWalk will be located between Beech and Grape streets in San Diego’s Little Italy neighborhood. Participation is free and more information will be released in the coming months. For more information about ArtWalk and its programs, please visit here.

See you there, San Diego!

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