Look back at the celebration when the Whitney Music Festival is canceled

Witney music One of the city’s biggest events, the festival, was slated for the weekend but is now postponed by organizers.

The last festival was in 2019, and despite government deregulation, the event is closed for Covid-19 like last year.

Earlier this month, organizers confirmed they would not move forward on Saturday.

The organizer’s statement said earlier: “In light of the removal of Covid-19 restrictions, Witney The music festival was again in a realistic position to host the event.

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“We have done our best this year with a significantly shortened schedule to host the event for the residents of Whitney, but we are currently in discussions with the local government on some aspects of the event.

“This means that we cannot advance on the scheduled date and we want to readjust the new date as soon as possible.

“We would like to point out that Whitney City Council supports this event and will continue to provide support and advice.

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“West Oxfordshire District Council has to follow due process due to several public objections to this event.

Oxford Mail:

“Unfortunately, this process cannot be completed before the original date, so it will be postponed.”

Look back at the celebration when the Whitney Music Festival is canceled

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