Haven Chicago is accepting submissions for the first annual Festival Au Cinema | Chicago Reel

The first annual Au Cinema Festival is Haven Chicago’s platform for emerging and visionary media artists claiming the future of storytelling, challenging traditional conventions of genre and form.

This new initiative aligns with Haven’s overall organizational mission to encourage visionary artists to practice and perfect their craft by providing an equitable haven of opportunity for the creation of innovative performance, theater and media arts.

Haven is accepting original video submissions to Festival Au Cinema via June 1, 2022.

This annual micro-film festival is a three-night event at the Den Theatre, August 26-28, 2022.

The Au Cinéma Festival welcomes original video submissions in the following categories:

Creative narrative functionality
– Short films
– Scenarios
– Documentary
– Entertainment
– Experimental media
– Music videos
– & Continued

Haven Chicago will reward creatives who excel in the following categories:

– Best Picture, awarded to the best film of the set
– Best director, awarded to the most achievement in direction
– Best screenplay, awarded to the greatest achievement in writing
– Best Performance, awarded to the greatest achievement as an actor
– Best Friend, awarded to the crowd favorite
– Best Technical Art, awarded to the highest achievement in creative technical work

Each award will receive free admission to Haven Chicago for the 2021 Gala on August 28, 2022 at The Lair Theater 1331 North Milwaukee Ave.

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