Hailsham prepares for its annual festival

The Hailsham Festival will take place from September 3-18 in and around Hailsham.

The festival will be a mix of music, dance, theatre, literature and street entertainment.

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Festival highlights will include return visits to the Hailsham Pavilion by poet, broadcaster and presenter Roger McGough and guitarist Richard Durrant.

The town’s mayor, Councilor Paul Holbrook, said: “Hailsham and the rest of East Sussex have an incredibly rich artistic and cultural wealth. There is an incredible wealth of artistic talent, and it will be an honor for me to be part of this year’s festival and invite the community to mark the festival dates in their diaries.

“Last year’s festival was simply amazing with some really great artists, writers, photographers, poets and music performers showcasing their talent in the Hailsham area. There was a positive atmosphere throughout the festival , and I was grateful to everyone for showing up and supporting the city festival so well.

“I am sure that the festival organizers will exceed all expectations again this year with events, now that we have resumed face-to-face events and activities following the covid restrictions we experienced last year and in 2020.

“On behalf of the City Council, I would like to thank the community groups and individuals of the city for all of the hard work and generous support in bringing this year’s festival to fruition. A great deal of work is being done behind the scenes by volunteers, and we hope that even more volunteers will get involved in this year’s festival, lend their support and contribute to its success.”

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