Fireworks display at Herne Bay the grand finale of the annual festival


Huge fireworks will light up the sky over the Kent coast this evening.

The colorful show will close the Herne Bay Festival at 9 p.m., as revelers along the waterfront will enjoy a host of live music throughout the day and into the evening.

A previous fireworks display on the beach at Herne Bay Pic: Adrian Bennett

Event bosses say the entertainment will include sets by the bands Abba Chique, Marilyn Sky, The Konks, The Native Oysters Band, and Gentlemen of Few, with a few food stalls scattered around the Tower Square. clock.

The festival finale will precede the return of the Kent Tribute Festival tomorrow – as organizer Gerald McCarthy says he’s gearing up for his biggest crowds of all time.

“We expect to receive around 1,500 people – normally we would have around 1,000,” he said.

“We get an increase in numbers around the festival date, which was fueled by the fact that the kids can come. It’s a family event.

“This year’s line-up will be our strongest so far.

“We try to mix and match so there will be something for everyone.”

Bands will perform live on the waterfront Photo: Adrian Bennett
Bands will perform live on the waterfront Photo: Adrian Bennett

The event, which will take place at the Strode Park Foundation in Herne, will feature artists performing the classics of David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Queen and Oasis.

It will also be equipped with a large screen, offering, according to Mr. McCarthy, to the public “a beautiful sight on everything”.

The organizer believes the popularity of its event – as well as its Titanic exhibit at King’s Hall – shows an appetite among people to move after the lockdown is eased.

“They are in desperate need of release,” he added.

“We also went out during the Herne Bay Festival, and the Pier and King’s Hall were both busy.

“I think it’s the rebound effect to be pretty small over the past 18 months.

Abba tribute joins crowd for chant at previous festival
Abba tribute joins crowd for chant at previous festival

“It’s a relief to be able to put this on. I know a lot of the organizers made the decision very early this year to cancel the events with the roadmap announcement in February.

“It pays dividends for those who took the plunge and expected things to go smoothly. It was a courageous decision to make this decision in uncertain times.”

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