Engineering Conference partners with Milk and Cookies Music Festival for 2022


Pictured: Justin Samuels. (Photo credit: courtesy RenderATL)

Render Atlanta is a black-owned software engineering conference and is the largest in the Southeast region. Its mission is to create a space for education, culture and inclusion in the engineering industry so that the talents of minorities have the opportunity to be recognized.

The motto of the conference is to stay true to “Atlanta Southern Hospitality with all the food, sweet tea, and vibes you could possibly have ‘over the three day experience. The conference includes educational panels, guest speakers and interactive workshops.

CEO and founder Justin Samuels is an engineer by training. He is also a senior engineer at MailChimp. Before even starting to work there two years ago, he had the idea of ​​starting his own conference.

“I always had this idea of ​​doing this conference, because I’m sick of always having to go to the east coast, that is to say go to places like Boston or NYC or go to the west coast. , like Oakland, San Francisco, or even Seattle just to hear some great tech talk, ”Samuels said.

Samuels sees Atlanta as a neglected hub for aspiring engineers.

“We have a ton of HBCUS and a ton of talent here across town from all of our colleges such as Georgia Tech, Morehouse, Spelman, Clark, GSU,” Samuels said. “It makes perfect sense that companies can come here, tap into our untapped talent pool and also be truly welcomed from the south. “

In Samuel’s opinion, RenderATL is an engineering-focused technology conference. This allows people to come and discover the technology but also the engineering that makes it work.

Samuels began developing the conference in the spring of 2019. The coronavirus pandemic was an obstacle he had to overcome to bring his dream from concept to reality. At the first RenderATL conference in September, there was COVID-19[feminineprécautions pour assurer la sécurité du personnel et des participants.

Croyez-le ou non, l’autre obstacle était en fait de vendre Atlanta en tant que centre respectable de l’ingénierie », a déclaré Samuels. « Beaucoup de gens ne nous ont jamais vus qu’à la lumière du hip hop ou de la mode, mais mon objectif était en fait de faire en sorte que les gens respectent également nos prouesses d’ingénierie. »

La conférence de 2021 a réuni plus de 300 participants à The Gathering Spot, où l’événement a eu lieu. La conférence de 2022 en juin sera encore plus importante.

« Nous aurons plus de 1 000 ingénieurs ici », a déclaré Samuels. « Et nous nous sommes également associés au Milk and Cookies, un festival de musique ici, de sorte que les gens bénéficient désormais de trois jours de ces ateliers et conférences sur l’ingénierie, mais le quatrième jour, nous leur donnons désormais un accès gratuit au Milk and Cookies. Fête de la musique des biscuits. De cette façon maintenant pour obtenir le vrai aspect de la culture.

Samuels a été inspiré pour combiner RenderATL avec Milk and Cookies en raison de la relation étroite entre la musique et la technologie.

“Beaucoup de gens dans la musique souhaitent pouvoir faire des choses sympas qu’ils voient faire des gens de la technologie, comme créer des applications mobiles ou comprendre comment faire des ventes en ligne”, a déclaré Samuels. “Mais alors de notre côté, [engineers] really love musicians. I mean, I can’t name an engineer who doesn’t have Spotify or Apple Music open all day and code and everywhere.


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