Crawfish Music Festival is one of the greatest of all time

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) – It was a great last day for a monster race.

When the final numbers roll in, the nearly three-decade-old Crawfish Music Festival at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum is one of the biggest ever.

On Sundays, the musicians jammed, the rides twisted and the crawfish boiled, better than ever.

“I’m a happy man right now,” said Coliseum executive director Matt McDonnell. “Really happy.”

He has good reason to be.

“Three great days of music where a lot of tickets were sold out and then the march was really good,” McDonnell said. “Ancillary income from food and drink was huge. I couldn’t have asked for a better result. It’s one of the best festivals we’ve ever had.

Among the many blessings was good weather.

“I can’t remember spending five days at a crawfish festival without rain,” he said.

McDonnell said he looks forward to the final evaluation.

“Everything indicates that several records are going to be broken,” he said.

Vendors like Kriss Amacker, owner of Sweetie Pies Catering and Bakery, are feeling the love.

“I appreciate the people. I like the music. It’s a great vibe. It’s always a good crowd,” she said. It’s been four years. It’s been a wonderful crowd, incredibly large, but it’s been enjoyable.

It brings people back year after year.

“I was able to come here with my parents as a kid and enjoy all the fun, rides and games,” Dalton Barber said. “And it’s really surreal to be able to do that with her. It’s home. They have great food that we always enjoy. It’s all about southern Mississippi there.

Christina Burks makes this an annual visit primarily for local groups.

“It’s such a fun time to see all these musical acts and really see them before they got really big and famous.”

This year, she shares it for the first time with her 4-year-old son, Hudson.

“Oh, that’s awesome,” Burks said. “It’s a lot of fun. He loves music and seeing everyone on stage, playing drums and guitar instead of watching on TV.

For Burks, it’s more than music.

“It’s a beautiful weekend,” she said. “The crayfish are amazing, of course. Seeing all the families here having fun is a real joy to see.

Another example of the scale of the crawfish music festival is that McDonnell said the entertainment budget was approaching $400,000.

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